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We got tired of paying retail for our trips. We got tired of not being able to travel enough. So...
We created The Travel Secret and through it, we can now give you access to insider wholesale rates not available to the public. We beat retail prices and allow you to create more memories for less money.
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Written by Camila Gil on August. 13th, 2020
Several studies show that travel brings enormous benefits in terms of improving your quality of life.

From enhancing your relationships to improving deep sleep habits. Here we highlight some of the reasons why travel can change your life.
Written by Camila Gil on August. 7th, 2020
December is the month we look forward to celebrating the holidays. It is also a perfect month to travel. Not only because you have time off for the holidays, but also because you can experience what it feels like to celebrate the holidays in different countries with different traditions.

From Christmas markets in Germany to the Northern Lights in Iceland and ending with beautiful beaches in Spain, here we show you the best destinations to celebrate Christmas in 2020.
Written by Camila Gil on Jul 21, 2020
If you would like to have access to exclusive prices and benefits, minimizing a significant amount of money searching, with a membership that can be enjoyed for the rest of your life, we invite you to be part of the webinar "How To Find The Best Deals In Travel (... and it's NOT what you think!)" 
Written by Camila Gil on Jul 21, 2020
Your account at TheTravelSecret is a portal where you can access privileged pricing that is not accessible to the public. Within the platform, you would be able to find hotels & resorts, cruises, car rentals, vacation rentals, flights, activities, tours and more.

Here you have a step by step guide on how to log in to your account.
Written by Camila Gil on Jul 17, 2020
When something sounds amazing, it is normal to have "doubts". It's normal to think something might be too good to be true. The best answer for this is to listen to what actual member have to say about the service and platform. 


Because what better feedback can you get than listening to the experiences real members have had with the platform. We have gathered many different awesome reviews from our clients and here is where you can find them...
Written by Camila Gil on Jul 15, 2020
TheTravelSecret is a community of like-minded individuals who love to travel and save. People who join are looking to have a one-stop-shop to all of their travel needs where they can plan, price and book all of their trips in no time, all while having the peace of mind that they are not overpaying.

The value in the membership goes far beyond what you have come to expect from a traditional online booking site. TheTravelSecret, through its partnerships and expertise in the travel industry, has access to pricing on travel that is not available on any other public site. And this applies not only to hotels, but cruises, cars, activities and even flights.
Written by Julie Gomez on Jul 13, 2020
The TravelSecret was founded under the premise that everyone should have access to amazing prices and benefits on travel, without having to sacrifice a huge amount of money. We believe that you should be able to recoup your investment in one or two trips and then enjoy the savings for many years to come.
Written by Juan Hernández on Nov. 4th 2019
Affordability is one of the most common factors that gets in the way of many people taking their dream trip to some far-off destination. Sadly, many will put that trip off for years and even decades because it just never seems within reach. To parents, the cost of bringing the whole family along while ditching work for a week or two runs a pretty hefty tab. To younger adults likely to travel solo or with close friends, funds are easily limited by old student loans and entry-level career salaries. This leads to money-saving travel hacks being a very popular wanderlust Google search.  

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